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This is a program that will bring you results during the first month.  Through application of the Sales Mastery Process, we will help you build a system to solve your Key Sales Frustrations.  You will be on your way to developing a business that works!

“It is a pleasure to endorse Del. His understanding of the Sales Process is vast. He draws from the experience of actually implementing in his life and business the tools he advocates for others. After 40+ years of operating our company  with very limited operations documentation the change is a challenge, but with Del we're Getting it done.” July 22, 2007

Furniture Restoration Business Owner , Michigan

“Del is an excellent consultant. He was instrumental in the "E-Mything" of our firm. His indepth knowledge of processes, sales and management makes him someone that I am able to refer to any small business owner.” January 20, 2007

Real Estate Consulting Firm Owner, Texas

“Del's first hand experience, knowledge and advice has always been "spot on" in helping us develop the systems and structures needed to grow our company year after year.” October 21, 2006

Consumer Service Business Owner, Bahamas

“Del is very savvy in processes. He is a quick study and knows what it takes for a small company to succeed. He is diligent, disciplined, determined to help his clients succeed. He is very knowledgeable of tools and methods that can help his clients move their companies to the next level. He has strong character and you can count on him to deliver solid results.” June 20, 2007

Sales Training Firm Owner,  Oregon

"The E-Myth Mastery Program has taken us from a small business with inconsistent sales results to one with consistent record breaking sales.  Thank you, Michael Gerber!"

Software Distribution Business Owner, Oregon


“I had the opportunity to work with Del on software support for my marketing clients. Del was a pleasure to work with, had a good grasp of the business processes that I was trying to support and came up with some innovative suggestions to solve the client's specific business needs. Del is reliable and follows up.” June 10, 2007

Business Services Owner, Oregon


One of the deliverables from the Sales Mastery Program is a Prospecting Manual.

Prospecting Manual

Your Prospecting  Manual contains all of your systems including what employees are accountable for and how they are measured. 





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